Thursday, January 29, 2009

Frugality Tips #9 & #10

Here are your Thursday tips! Sorry they are a bit late. I was trying to work on taxes!

Frugal Tip #9

Ditch the landline and get cheaper cellphone service.

Do you have a cellphone (or two) and a landline?

Landlines will be obsolete in a few years, so why not just ditch yours now? Either people will be using VOIP or their cellphones. If you must have a landline, consider switching to VOIP (voice over IP), which is basically hooking up your landline phone to your desktop computer and using your internet to make calls. And yes you can still use the internet while you talk to people on the phone. Voip is only $20 a month compared to $30 a month for a lot of landlines and it works just as well. (There are several VOIP services out there, so do a search on google to compare).

Let me tell you though, ditching the landline for just your cellphone if you already have one is a good idea. It will save you $30 a month and you'll be just fine without it. If you're on a plan that has a minute restriction on it (and you're afraid you'll use all your minutes and it costs more than $30 to upgrade to a higher minute allowance), switch over to Cricket, which is a prepaid, unlimited cellphone service, that costs as little as $30 a month. It also has no contracts, as it is prepaid. Or, alternatively, you can ask your parents and/or siblings if they'd like to be on a family plan with you, which will save all of you money, as long as you split the bill. :)

Do it! All the college-age couples are doing it!

As a bonus, you will no longer get those annoying telemarketing calls. Nice, eh?

Frugal Tip #10


Ok, so this one I don't do. I really stink at budgeting things on paper. I can do it in my head, but writing it out? Not so much. But if you're one of those people who can handle writing things like that, set up a budget. I love reading for help with stuff, and they have a lot of info on being successful at budgeting.

Keeping track of your budget is a great way to figure out what areas you're spending too much money in, and helping you keep from spending your money on uneccessary items.

Keep on saving those dollars!

-Hot Frugal Momma


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